THE ICEOLOGER - Alex & Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

2022 ж. 3 Мау.
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• The Iceologer: BL...
Steve battles the evil Iceologers. After a tough fight, he's sent tumbling down a cavern where he meets an Iceologer named Isaac struggling with his powers. Together they figure out a way to climb back to the surface.
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  • I wish the Iceologers were brought to Minecraft still. They would've brought so much to the game unlike those reskinned squids. This is still such an amazing animation though!

  • I remember watching Thomas’ sfx stream for this, and it seems like a really smooth and epic animation! Glad to see it’s on the main stage once again, with a frankly incredibly different thumbnail:D

    Cobalt StudiosCobalt Studios
  • I like the fact that the Iceologer is afraid of humans, gives more feeling to the creatures of this world

    Gamer's TheaterGamer's Theater
  • Another great animation from black plasma team! Can't wait to see more this summer! <3

    Skyres ProductionsSkyres Productions
  • I’ve been a fan of this series for years! And I’m so excited the second episode of it’s return is here!

  • I love the graphics in this animation! Also the movement and fighting is very smooth^^ and of course as always the lighting is amazingly spectacular! An obvious amount of time, skill and dedication must have been put into this animation^^ I also love the storyline in this animation.💜

  • Great seeing the Iceologers getting the spotlight! I found the ice effects satisfying to both look at and listen to!

    Critters PicturesCritters Pictures
  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well the animation is. Keep it up!

    Rupa SRupa S
  • This is gonna be another amazing adventure for Alex and Steve 🧡💙

    Jeff Wolf - GamerJeff Wolf - Gamer
  • kaypooey is massively underrated, she's been a obsidian patreon for YEARS and she gets less screen time than some newer patreons, she should have way more focus

    the blazethe blaze
  • Im so glad that black plasma studios are still making more alex and Steve videos

    Lucille GallantLucille Gallant
  • I really loved the animation, it's incredible to see how you improve every day, and I hope that the next episode comes out soon Greetings! <3

  • Simplesmente uma animação linda. Muito bem feita.

    Airy MarnsAiry Marns
  • I cannot wait to see this! I loved the enderman animation and I know that this'll be just as incredible!!

  • I KNEW IT! I'd knew it would come this weekend! But my guess on how long this animation is, I would say it's 7 minutes long. Let's find out tomorrow.

    David MarquesDavid Marques
  • Cómo siempre black studios entregando increíbles animaciónes y historia.

    Espinoza zx Omega.Espinoza zx Omega.
  • This is incredible! I hope to see more of that cyan Iceologer! But the purple one? Not so much..

    littlefox3099 🍀littlefox3099 🍀
  • I really loved the iceologer , this animation really feels like our voting meant something to him. Great animation!

    Azhar SoomroAzhar Soomro
  • Eu sou Brasileiro, e espero que suas animações se espadam para o resto do mundo

    danilo felipedanilo felipe
  • I wish that this goes longer. The Iceoleger is one of my favorite Mobs. It has so much potential. I hope, one day, he become a feature