AGENT DERP (Minecraft Animation)

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The name's Derp, Agent Derp. The world is under threat from a super villain with an evil plan. Derp and his fellow agents must try their best to fight them. Armed with crazy gadgets and his trusty Fish, does Derp have what it takes to save the world?


Animated by Omeleto.
Music by Epidemic Sound and Kevin MacLeod.




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  • When u realize the grappling sounds in this video are from fortnite

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  • News:fish knocks the wind outta 50 dudes

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  • 1:20

  • Yeeeeeeees

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  • Wait a minute, he uses the ability of crono ( CR7) in ff

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  • Shawd0w runner as a expert builder i know this guy can become anything he disires i am also one of the voice actors for a movie so yeah i love this keep up the good work

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  • Derp uses his fish friend as a sword that is ridiculous to me

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  • hi black plasma Studios

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  • 3:57 at least kill him dammit

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  • Das ist der beste noob der Welt

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  • "This just in, Inspector gadget wannabe accidentally dismantles an entire Private military organization with the help of his intelligent fish. Just WHO is this fish? Stay tuned for later on where we talk about the new company that's making fresh fish sticks for the public."

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  • If minecraft survival mode battle be like this I will say OMG

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  • 5:47 fish be a ATTACK ON TITAN NO NO fish be a Eren

  • go agent DERP

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  • While A Advice Noob Is A personalize , We Make It As A Character .

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  • Мне рыба понравилась очень стильная

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  • Now I know fish is the strongest weapon underword in Minecraft

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  • Kindly how many days it takes to make this animation and how many people are involved in this project? What software have been used?

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  • Time Crisis: Derp Edition

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  • Without His Support Fish Derp And Fish Can't Finished His Missions

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    • Yes

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  • Hi black plasma studio, I want to make edits by taking sections of your animations about noob, can you allow me for that?

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