WARDEN FIGHT - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

2022 ж. 17 Мау.
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• Warden Fight GONE...
The Wolf has been poisoned by an unknown corruption! Alex and Steve must venture out far and wide to a mysterious cave that is said to hold a cure, but something much worse lies within the deep dark of the caves. Do Alex and Steve have what it takes to battle THE WARDEN?
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  • The fact that they went through all that danger and almost died MULTIPLE times to save their pet wolf sums up the entire Minecraft community perfectly

    Destructive 06Destructive 06
  • How long has it been since I've watched these type of animations? I'm really surprised how great BPS' animations developed throughout the years. I've honestly watched this channel when I was about 9 years old during 2016 and whatever animations I see from here, gives me a strike of nostalgia. Keep it up!

    Zhyvcko Xynktweaczan Alyhjimyrr WynthropZhyvcko Xynktweaczan Alyhjimyrr Wynthrop
  • The tiny detail of the Phantom spawning on their journey is so small, but amazing. It implies that Steve and Alex aren't even stopping to sleep on their journey to save their wolf

    The FoundationThe Foundation
  • Of all the MC animation videos out there, THIS is the best I've ever seen. I was grinning the whole time, it was perfect animation. I'm literally grateful I saw this, it made me so happy. Can't explain it how something like this made me feel something, but it did. Bravo to all that made this possible; you have talent! Keep it up! And thank you!

  • One new thing I learned here: don't eat nor taste sculk.

    Wei-Qi LiWei-Qi Li
  • Let’s be honest, we’ve all loved these high quality animations.

  • Honestly, Skulk blocks being a tempting but deadly mold makes incredible sense from a natural perspective. It's a perfectly logically simple explanation for the Skulk's spread outside of game mechanics.

    General SpritzGeneral Spritz
  • This might be the most cliché plot ever, but it still never fails to warm my heart...

    Samya RoySamya Roy

  • The fact that they animated everything perfectly makes its so good

  • I would love to see someone make a modpack and shader that makes normal minecraft look like this

  • It's incredible how you are able to make such an enriched and detailed easy-to-understand-what's-going-on story without a single line of dialogue

    Elizabeth LacyElizabeth Lacy
  • The lighting and graphics were, as always, absolutely amazing. I loved the set arrangement and design. The movement was very smooth and had a rather natural touch to it. I loved the looks of the Deep Dark, and the attention to small details, like the swaying lanterns, bugs flying around some lanterns, etc, added a very special touch to every scene. I absolutely loved this animation, and can’t want to see more!💜^^

    Sai and NobySai and Noby
  • Great job, I love this

    WOA MineCraftWOA MineCraft
  • you guys make amazing animations, you put so much work into them and deserve a lot. Keep up the great work! You guys are amazing

  • Maybe it’s just me speculating, but the fact that there is a phantom at

    Elijah BenjaminElijah Benjamin
  • I found the name of the song. It's funny actually. It fits with the theme and is named sciophobia; fear of darkness. Just so you know, the warden gives blindness to whoever is near it.

    Gaming MaxGaming Max
  • If Mojang adds ANIMATED CUTSCENES to minecraft, Mr. Black Plasma Studios will be the perfect dude for it. Awesome animation, very well done

    Steamin' Scotsman ProductionsSteamin' Scotsman Productions
  • Just those subtle looks Alex and Steve give each other, showing they care so much, just makes my heart love them more. Everyone did such an amazing job backing the new updated features just pop and come to life! Happy ending for all.

  • Alex has been so bored by the trivial dangers of the world lately that the only way she gets any excitement from a pillager raid is by poisoning herself and doing the whole fight getting no damage, which has her friends very worried.