KING DERP (Minecraft Animation Movie)

2022 ж. 9 Қар.
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Derp pulls the legendary Excalibur from the stone, which makes him the King! Though with great power, comes great responsibility- something Derp isn't quite cut out for, especially when a Dragon attacks!
Directed by Matthew Bliven.
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  • Give Matt a hand guys. He's been working day and night for the past several weeks to get this out to you. The man has sacrificed sleep, vacations and other things to get this out! He's done an incredible job despite all the stress and worry! Show him some love and share this animation with your friends!

  • This was an incredible take on the story of Excalibur! Loved this animation from start to end!

  • Man...they've been pumping out Animations like crazy this month.

    David MarquesDavid Marques
  • This might be the most derpiest project I've ever worked on. It was a blast making the sets!

  • This animation was amazing, high fives to the whole team for creating this masterpiece.

  • This is amazing, really shows how far derp has come. when I started watching this channel, derp was a dumb screw-up who was only good at accidentally making apocalypses just because he wanted something for his fish. He still shows some aspects of his past, but in a good way, he has come a long way since then. Another thing I want to point out is that most animations with a derp-like character makes the character not learn any lessons, but you are different and that's a good thing.

  • I really like the detail when Derb gives his crown to the child shows how now he's finally ready to take responsibilities of the Kingdom and his people. Leaving his crown shows that now he doesn't care about the fact that he has everything.

  • A very excellent thumbnail! I have waited so long for this as matt always hyped us up about King derp, Cant wait to see how this epic movie turns out! HATS OFF TO YOU MATT!!!!

  • My favorite part was when Derp said "It's Derpin' Time" and proceeded to Derp all over the dragon.

  • I've been waiting for this animation and it looks amazing! Loved the custom assets and buildings. The story was very interesting and I love how expressive the animation is, especially the dragon fight scene which was really epic! Amazing job Matt and your team! Looking forward to your future works! :D

    DraxDoomer AnimationsDraxDoomer Animations
  • Derp is so wise and has the willpower of true warrior. Such an inspirational story.

  • I never thought I'd cry over a Minecraft animation, and especially not one about Derp. Yet here we are, once again you guys show how truly talented you are. Thank you. :')

    The Ultra GardenThe Ultra Garden
  • "On the best thing about dude is the whenever he achieves something, he never gives the credit to himself. He always respect us, the audience the most and his team too every of his video .we congrats ourselves for this achievement. More to come and everything to come."🌹

    Facts ki duniyaFacts ki duniya
  • Can't wait! Can already tell this video is gonna be amazing just by looking at the thumbnail! Derp is my favorite character of this channel, so I'm especially excited.

  • Glad to see Matt take charge of an original animation! It’ll be fun to see his story chops (Without Alex and Steve) and I’m sure this animation will be as action packed as his last!

  • Truly a fitting animation for the King Derp 👑. He now has earnt the title of King, amongst his array of other titles.

    Critters PicturesCritters Pictures
  • I never thought derp would be so skilled and powerful to have his own empire. This animation its so good as always. Thankyou BPS and the community. This is so good

    noell sidabutarnoell sidabutar
  • This doesn't give you only entertainment, but also a moral lesson.

  • It is a really good animation, I do love the medival style. I would recomend if you are going medival style, to use archers for range instead of cannons, since the introduction of cannons, ended the medival age and was not used during medival times. But everything else is good, I really do like on how much effort is put into this as it seems it took a long time due to the great ainmation and plot. Great Work, keep it up!

  • Honestly this animation filled me with emotions I'm not sure I can process rn but I can safely say my fantasy itch has been righteously scratched

    Atlas PhelpsAtlas Phelps