ICEBOUND (Minecraft Animation)

2022 ж. 4 Қар.
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• Icebound: BLOOPER...
An adventurer set off for a mission to save people who disappeared while exploring unknown, cold land. With the help of a magical fox he found a frozen temple containing the ancient, magical power of freezing. However to help his friends and restore balance in nature he needs to fight the great Frost Knight and his army who protects magical artifact.
Created by our new director, MichaeL!
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  • The humor in this animation was spectacular. The way it was just so simple with things like, the skeletons passing the cube down the line back to him was just great.

    DLT PlaysDLT Plays
  • How did you fit an entire disney movie in just 8 minutes!?

  • Forgot to mention that I really love how the animation looked. Some sounds didn’t match, but let’s be real: that’s nothing against how cool the smoke, fire, ice and particle sims turned out. Not to mention the lighting. Very creative story elements as well.

    Knoght AnimationsKnoght Animations
  • This has got to be one of the best animations to come out of this channel. Kudos to MichaeL!

    Small Town StudioSmall Town Studio
  • The ice cube looks like a song from the Songs of War series... I know that it was discontinued but I still would love to see a season 2 poping up out of nowhere and if not, maybe at least another series like it would be a good idea, because I just love the fantasy genre and I think you make a pretty good job at creating such masterpieces...

  • Good plot, area design, use of the environment, believable fight scenes, use of humour, quiet scenes... the animation's also pretty damn good.

  • Is it just me or is the ice dude holding a song-

  • This animation has to be one of my more favorited ones, VFX was awesome, animation was very smooth and I loved the environments inside the animation. Welcome Director Michael! :D

  • Heartfelt congratulations to the new director. This is an extraordinary debut in every respect: story, graphics, settings and animations.

  • That was surprisingly good swordsmanship for strays! I never would have guessed they had such talent outside of archery!

    Zachary HartlebenZachary Hartleben
  • Amazing animation, happy to see you guys are still experimenting and making short stand-alone instead of relying on previously established series like so many others.

    Eshel ShEshel Sh
  • kind of nice to also see kind of more realistic fights, like the enemies not just getting slaughtered

    Antarctigc DragonAntarctigc Dragon
  • Welcome out newest director, MichaeL. Amazing job for a first animation on the channel, MichaeL. Very vibrant and full of effects.

  • I am in awe of how superb this looks. Absolutely amazing job for your first animation on BPS Michael, I love all the details you put into this animation; VFX, animation, sound design, everything about it. Welcome Michael! Looking forward to your animations with great interest

    Critters PicturesCritters Pictures
  • The way the fights play around with the environment is so cool! Especially love the way our main guy was animated and expressed, so many little details which show his personality. Hope to see more like this :)

  • Videos like this that tell a great story without words are quite impressive to me. Great job on everything!

    LegoRockets AnimationLegoRockets Animation
  • 4:19

    Matei gabriel ZahariaMatei gabriel Zaharia
  • This animation was so well made. I especially loved the effects added to the weapons, and the fight scenes

    Erin BoatengErin Boateng
  • Icebound? That sounds like a fitting name for this animation already. Pretty hyped about it! I mean there’s no reason to give me the cold shoulder, some people need to simply chill out. I’m just saying, it’s really ice to meet you guys again.🥶❄️☃️⛄️

    🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍🔥J Gabs12 Studios 👍
  • Ardonia once again lives to make room for more adventures to come, thank you Black Plasma Studios for brightening my day.