Space Derp: BEHIND THE SCENES (Minecraft Animation)

2020 ж. 25 Қар.
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In this Behind the Scenes, we'll be looking at the making of Space Derp, seeing the blend files themselves and talking about the story.


A Magnificent Journey & Dreams of Flight by Denny Schneidemesser



- Watch animations early!
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- And much more!


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  • Sam, I've watched all four seasons of thunderbirds. Scott Tracey--oldest child Vergil Tracey--2nd oldest Jhon Tracey--3rd oldest/youngest Gordon Tracey--2nd youngest Alan Tracey--Youngest Kayo--works with them Grandma Tracey--The grandma Lady Penelope--secret London agent Parker--Penelope's butler Brains--Engineer Hood--Evil guy Jeff Tracey--dad mom--Unknown ↑proof↑ hope you see this

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  • "Sam was there to comfort Derp, as he knows what it feels like to say goodbye to someone" that sentence punched me right in the heart, and up my skull, then out nostrils. absolutely amazing commentary.

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