Derp Infection (Minecraft Animation)

2020 ж. 15 Ақп.
7 112 713 Рет қаралды

Derp is back for another adventure where he invents his own drink, Derp Juice! However, the drink begins to infect people and turn then derpy! Its up to Thomas to stop the infection and make everyone normal again!
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  • Pesma na dan kada je na kraju je sve što je u pitanju samo da bi se moglo reći da je to što je i da se ne može da se ne može da se ne može da se ne može da se ne može da se ne može da se ne može, 😃😀😇😭

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  • This is a refference of the virus right now?

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  • when the memes get out of hand:

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  • The herman

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  • Oh no! The derp outbreak everyone run and hide! AND DONT DRINK DERP JUICE

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  • .

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  • Derp is the best character

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  • i see noob in youtube but he,s name pro 1234

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  • What is this logic even dog becomes infected :v 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • 5:40 top 10 cursed minecraft Images

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  • Hehehe

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  • The walking Derp

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  • the road is made of OBCIDIAN it is an rich town;;

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  • coronavirus: you do your best derp virus

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  • No jeep juli

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  • Dis vidios is ikvevon zombie drep

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  • 5:55

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  • Bruh how did noob do it?

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  • Buy me derp its very cool flavor

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  • Noob apocalypse

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  • g gg

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  • What ingredients did Derp put on the derp juice?

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  • This is my second favorite animation other than songs of war black plasma studios is the best ever lol

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  • I don’t think I want that skin anymore

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  • Jajajajajaa todo por una soda

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  • oh my god

    ស្លឹកតើយ- by Kagna Chhivស្លឹកតើយ- by Kagna Chhiv13 күн бұрын
  • All is derp Hmm always has been

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  • A11

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  • Ryy😎

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  • If you slow it down at 6:39, you will see the pug controlling the tractor/bulldozer.

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  • That's not a derp he made that just looking at a cocacola can

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  • This video shows a fine example of Derp Apocalypse. Thankfully, it also has shown what is the cure of this infection! 😂

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  • 2:04 kaypooey 😍

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  • More derp!

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  • Eeeee

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  • Se no puedes entenderme pero voy a intentar ok me gusta mucho tus videos me alegra el dia

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  • Uhh.

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  • When I saw the pug normal: When I saw the pug in derp mode: UwU👌

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  • What the....

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  • Dat a lot of derps

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  • Sunset overdrive

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  • Me gusta sus videos son geneales

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  • Hola

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  • This is my utopia x33333333333333

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  • Derp on the house!...

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  • Blocking derp

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  • d e r p

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  • So the moral story is: never drink the derp cola because it will infect you

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  • El apocalipsis noob

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  • Hahaha derp my fweind

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  • The infecion zombies juice

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  • Like derp Zombie

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  • things are about to get DERPY

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  • 5:00 derp master chief

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  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob

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  • I wonder when you were a derp what would it be like.

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  • Are there so many nouveauNoob

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  • Ahhhh love thse team parth 2 with these team pls(noob and...... I dont know)

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  • funny at 6. 36

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  • derp juice is like corona virus they dont die but they have each to each that virus

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  • 👍👍👌@ DVD Fitful

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  • roblox sneak animation

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  • what is that song that played when they fell in the water

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  • This animation is legit Sunset Overdrive but without killer mutants.

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  • They have merch no way

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  • all hail the Derp

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  • I subscribed an d turned on the notification but i want to be in one of your videos

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  • Hahahah noob is funny haha

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  • Minecrafts corona virus XD

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  • Derpvid-19 has come. Always bang your head. Stay dumb and thats it

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  • Does it take for granted a new

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  • Derpsoldier?

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  • Derp Juice?

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