NETHER WAR - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

2022 ж. 29 Шіл.
18 241 271 Рет қаралды

• Nether War: BLOOP... !
War rages in the Nether between the Piglin and Wither Kingdoms. Alex and Steve venture inside and encounter Eric who appears to have some connection to the Withers. Can Alex and Steve defeat the evil that corrupts him?
Directed by Omeleto.
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• Nether War: SOUND...
Netherite Kingdom Map
Anime Fire Trails Shader by Lateasusual/DillonGoo Studios
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  • THIS is one CRAAzy good animation!!! You can really tell that they put a BUNCH of time and effort into the smooth and realistic movement in the animation.. WOW 🤯🔥🔥

  • Not having watched this channel in years and years, it feels nice to know they're still making content :)

    Lucas VasilevLucas Vasilev
  • Increíble... historia, animación, trama y sin decir nada. Mucho mejor que todas las animaciones actuales.

    victor vonvictor von
  • This better be continued, this story is amazing. I didn't even think he would come back at the end but with you guys, anything is possible. Please continue this series

  • This animation was amazing, can’t wait for the next Alex and Steve life episode

    Paul RicheyPaul Richey
  • Estuvo padre opino que deberían sacar la segunda parte de NETHER War con los mismos personajes pero con un desarrollo diferente , me refiero a que pasará con Eric? Esto no puede quedar así el pobre sufrió toda su vida esto tiene que acabar como un final feliz , alguien sabe que pasó después de que salió de la lava?

    Victor Hugo RoyVictor Hugo Roy
  • Poor Eric just needs someone to accept who he is, he needs a hug

    Critters PicturesCritters Pictures
  • Imagine the efforts you guys have to put in these animations. The plot, deep stories,characters line are just so goood. I admire you guys very much. Hats down to these creators🤌🤌👏👏👏

    iU CubeiU Cube
  • This is one my favorite of all the animations! Just how well you showed Eric and everyone else in this movie have such strong and real emotions! and Eric, his whole life it looked like being abandoned until that piglin was the first one in his life to help him keep the wither from fully overtaking him. But then, when he was shot, I can feel how Eric felt, total brokeness and rage…. But as we all know as humans vengence doesnt make you feel any better, just like him after destroying the piglin kingdom, he did not feel any better, but worse. I think this can apply to all of us as humans, we have evil inside of us but we cant let it fully overtake us! We just need someone as gracious and kind as Steve and Alex to reach out to us and help us get through it instead of shunning it! Its sad Eric turned fully wither… will there be a second one to finish off the sad ending??

    Stickman ProStickman Pro
  • Beautiful, stunning! Bravo! this channel has grown into something great; this is definitely my fave series on this channel! y'all need to continue it forever <3

  • I love your animations!! Feedback : I think when someone dies (in this case baby piglin) should go up in smoke eventually. P.S I SWEAR YOUR ANIMATIONS KEEP ON GETTING BETTER especially the effects like Eric's blasts at

    Oreo Stop-motionOreo Stop-motion
  • Y’all really had fun with the fluent movements this go around, especially with the soul flame attacks. A very creative way to fight, and it makes sense he would create such a way. Well done!

  • The fact you guys can craft such an emotional, deep story, alongside an engaging action series without any voice acting is a testament to how talented the team behind this is. The use of visuals and crispy, top notch animation alongside effects tells the story in a way that words sometimes can't.

    melvin storbesmelvin storbes
  • Please this needs a sequel cause this is the start to an amazing series! 🥳🥳🥳

    David SharpDavid Sharp
  • I'm absolutely amazed at how much story you can understand even with no dialogue !!! And the fight scenes, just

  • This was SOOO good! I love that you can see so much emotion without them saying a word! Is there going to be a part 2?

    Adia SuttonAdia Sutton
  • This seriously deserves to be in a cinema and deserves more attention.

  • I love how they made this animation cool and make the textures from real life

    enrico cristobalenrico cristobal14 күн бұрын
  • This is some of the best done animation I have ever seen. Smooth, clean, flows so well even with the faster paced, more chaotic combat scenes. It takes a deft hand to convey such a well-told story without a single word being spoken, and you lot nail it every time. I especially love how Steve, who clearly has been trying to reach out to the guy for the whole video, goes completely aggressive on the guy, showing that he really was holding back the whole time. To save Alex's life, he had to make a decision, and he made it. And even then, he STILL tries to save this poor lost soul. This series is the pinnacle of "actions speak louder than words." Beautifully done, and I eagerly await the next one~

  • 10:22