♪ TheFatRat & Everen Maxwell - Warbringer ft. Lindsey Stirling (Minecraft Animation) [Music Video]

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A Minecraft Music Video of TheFatRat's latest track: Warbringer! We're excited to be collaborating with TheFatRat on his latest album PARALLAX by releasing a music video for every track of the album every week! Find the song here: lnk.to/tfrwarbringeryt

Alex and Steve find a village where bees live alongside villagers in harmony. A witch and their army of zombies, skeletons and creepers attack to steal the honey.


Music: TheFatRat - Warbringer
Watch the original music video:
Listen to Warbringer: lnk.to/tfrwarbringeryt
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  • And hey is it sky who has that blue shirt

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  • Wow great song and cool animation you are cool

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  • сделайте видео с музыкой такойже но про агента нуба

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  • Where is the new animations?

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  • These videos are amazing

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  • "Amazing people, amazing music amazing content" :3

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  • I love this song

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  • This music match with this animation

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  • I love the bad ass bee vs big zombie

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  • You have copied huh

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  • The song was great like the animation

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  • LOL

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  • I know how hard is too create music & animation . Love u black plasma & Thefatrat

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  • Video match perfect with song

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  • What did you stop adding animation like song of war

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  • This should’ve been a songs of war video that would’ve fit so well

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  • Wow! it's just great!

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  • You are the version 2.0 of TheFatRat

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  • I like the creations hoy hours you are in computer doing this?

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  • cringe but music good

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  • Great vid! but i think it would go better with songs of war

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  • the avg minecraft kids youtube intro

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  • I have never been a fan of music videos but after this one, I loved them

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  • Every time I watch this it shows a big robot but I get this

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  • 1:35 attack on titan when colosal titan wanna break the wall

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  • lol its old animation, in this chanel u can see video called The bees, this animation from here

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  • This song fits so well with the animation

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    • watchgirls18. com I am in love with your animations! Omg and your choreography is just chef's kiss* Keep it up! Looking forward to more content from you

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  • Bruh copy its the same but differ T

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    • its remix

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  • Get ko’d by the bees bruh

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  • this is poggers

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  • My guy is so good at making vid

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  • Songs of war season 2 and season 3

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  • Songs of war season 2 and season 3

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  • Songs of war season 2 and season 3

    Viktor HrafnViktor Hrafn22 күн бұрын
  • Songs of war season 2 season 3

    Viktor HrafnViktor Hrafn22 күн бұрын
  • Songs of war season 2 season 3

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  • Songs of war season 2 and season 3

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  • Songs of war season 2

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  • yea yea yea he have skills then steve

    Abdelmalek 140Abdelmalek 14022 күн бұрын
    • watchgirls18. com Amazing chord sequences, NEXT challenge for me is to play this on the violin

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  • The Music Fit With Fantasy World❤ I hope this comment not disappear

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  • I love the actual animations but I feel like replaying a few parts of it and adding music to it is annoying especially when u use the same one over again I’m sorry

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  • Кто русский?..

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  • Hi! I really liked: the song of war, and I'm really looking forward to part 2. I am sure that it will be very interesting, and many people will appreciate it well. I'll be waiting!

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  • I love your videos please make one movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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  • 2:12 whoever makes cute bees sad must pay dearly

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  • 43yr

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  • I have used blender! THIS WOULD TAKE SO LONG TO MAKE. Well done!

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    • @Emilee Lisa What is that link? im not clicking on that, it looks bad. But yes its awesome HOW FAST they do it!

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    • watchgirls18. com I REALLY² LOVE THE SONG!!!

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  • 1:37 Colossal Titan

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  • Cool😎 music I need to download this:)

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    • watchgirls18. com Minecraft is a big universe, the way you represent it make it feel awesome, thanks.

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  • Steve and Alex in animation: *Best fighters ever born* Steve and Alex in reality: *Throws enderpearl in the void* I saw a steve doing this and thought to make this meme 😂

    Tester 503Tester 50326 күн бұрын
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  • Hi black plasma studios, I've been requesting a lot can you make a dreams latest manhunt anination

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  • I love it when notification shows up 'someone liked your comment' and "you have new subscriber".

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