♪ TheFatRat & Anjulie - Love It When You Hurt Me (Minecraft Animation) [Music Video]

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A Minecraft Music Video of TheFatRat's latest track: Love It When You Hurt Me! We're excited to be collaborating with TheFatRat on his latest album PARALLAX by releasing a music video for every track of the album every week! Find the song here: lnk.to/tfrloveitwhenyouhurtmeyt

Steve is lost in the wilderness and has to try and find his way home with the aid of his new horse while Alex tries to discover who vandalised her farm and save a baby Fox from a group of Pillagers.


Music: TheFatRat - Love It When You Hurt Me
Watch the original music video:
Listen to Love It When You Hurt Me: lnk.to/tfrloveitwhenyouhurtmeyt
Follow TheFatRat: linktr.ee/thefatrat
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  • Op song

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  • Haha fools these is not black plasama studios song because thes from fat rat

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  • TheFatRat vs Alan Walker

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  • i love the song bro

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