Paradise Lost (Minecraft Animation) [Avalon]

2019 ж. 18 Мам.
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The peaceful people of the town of Rhadelia are going about their daily lives, when suddenly- an attack on their village threatens to wipe out their people! Their lives rest in the hands of a young girl, Filera, who must make a hard choice in her grandfather's stead to save her people...
MUSIC BY: Matthew 'Marc' Grice
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  • We hope you enjoy Knight's second animation for the channel! This was designed more as a promotional video for the Minecraft server Avalon (link in description) which you can play to learn more about this story!

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    • Dimana rumahmu

    • I want to know more about this because i did not really understand what it was about

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    • Yea we are enjoy now😃😃

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    • I love your minecraf animation

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    • Can u do a housing video for us 😀

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  • what do you use to edit/animate?

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  • Next to part 2,guyss...

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  • 2:20 Its look like attack on titan episode 1 When eren mom died and he was brought by someone

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  • 100% Confirmed. Place from Worlds Apart (even from the sign it says)

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  • Tidak bisa bicara saya tidak akan subrek

  • This vdo deserves more views and likes ;-;

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  • I watched bloopers it was the best blooper and it made me laugh a lot😂😆😆

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  • Its amazing

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  • epic animation, though incase anyone dont know, the Avalon community got hacked recently during its beta release of a lot of new content. They lost almost everything, Hope the team dont give up on her!

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  • why do players make useless towers, only make harm

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  • So sad

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  • This is amazing!😃 All of your animations just make my day! Keep up the good work😊👍

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  • Thiên đường đã mất

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  • Is there a part two, if yes then when is it coming up??

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  • 進撃の巨人かな

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  • Hi

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  • Why is this video is small?

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  • 3:12 can someone tell me the name of this music ;-; i've been trying to find it for a while ;-;

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  • 2:17 so rude

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  • This is amazing Black Plasma Studio

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  • Grandma just got buried alive 😬🤭

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  • 2:32 This girl is a god!! Just one glance over this book and understands the entire book/page!! And me looking at Maths book for 3 years and later I understand that what X means!!

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  • I’m so confused...

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  • thats what i call server restart

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  • 3:34 she just took a nap

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  • I don't even know what's going on but I still like it 😂

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  • 2:46 like if you saw that stone block bounce off her arm

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  • well what is this but well done

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  • The plot is difficultto understand

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  • Paradise lost

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  • Great animation please make Paradise Lost 2 but much longer than PL1

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  • Paradise lost is an ad. It was played in my mom's car.🙂🙂🙂😁😁

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  • That girl be using speed hacks. Outrunning an adult like that

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  • В чём смысл этой анимации?

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    • Ну типа все кто в раю перешли на Землю (спаслись) а девочка пожертвовала свою жизнь. Нипанятна

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  • I felt sad for her,she sacrifice her life to save all players and her mom and dad😢

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  • ... Can anyone tell me what was the meaning?

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  • One poll breaks kills an entire kingdom

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  • "One day, The Happiness of The Ridhelia Town Forest makes All The Town people living as their own, And there is one people who can be the hero of this town, until one day, when the tower is raising to the sky, and the people in there is quiet interest for that. That Means the Ridhelia Town will have A Disaster, The Happiness is now gone forever, People are running out no where, the Attack to kill all the people, Only one people, can save this town form disaster, but they have to decide hard choices by sacrifice their life and fell asleep on the Tree of Live to Making New Life for All The People in Ridhelia Town"

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    • Same As Mobile Legends, Lunox Story

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  • You know, that rod falling down that shaft in the tower was probably some kind of nuclear power generator automatically trying to shut down. That’s how they work in real life. And, seeing as thats the final protocol to stop a meltdown, if it failed, boom.

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