Fox Thief: BEHIND THE SCENES - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

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  • What is a dinosaur attack the village in Minecraft and Steve and Alex built an iron golem the size of the dinosaur and then the iron golem defeats the dinosaur and then that’s the end of the video:)

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  • how to you draw this Animation

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  • How long did it take you for the animations in total :) ?

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  • hmm no more behind the scenes for new videos? where did they- but li- wh- ok then

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  • I would love to see your maps in a video : D

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  • Can you upload the map?

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  • Sir can you make one tutorial on minecraft animation

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  • You do GREAT animations good job!

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  • How to get pillager and fox

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  • Esta bien chida bro sube mas videos de esta animatiin pero de la otra de los hombres de fuego

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  • i just want to know the hell do u guys make the character modals

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  • My favourite animation from you is the Battle Royale, and I think the original animations are better.

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  • Very good can i make it too?

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  • I would consider going back to star wars, since that story was never really finished

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  • can we get a background pls? as in Minecraft trees and sky. I don't know how to do that.

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  • Imagine them animate the fox life FROM after the baby fox got rescued, then baby fox getting bigger to mother fox being kill and the baby fox meet alex again something like that. WELL if i can animate like the animators of BLACK PLASMA, i would do what i said but i can't :)

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  • OMG YOU WERE BEHIND BATTLE ROYALE! While I appreciate it wasn't the most popular in terms of views, it was one of my favourite animations on the channel. Consider me impressed!

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  • I actually didn't enjoy it 😖it was clickbait, and misleading title go back to the OG Animations

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    • @k8ne0456 yes because fox wasn’t actually a thief and had more fighting pillagers then fox stealing things

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    • What was clickbait?

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