TAXI DERP (Minecraft Animation)

2022 ж. 14 Қаз.
912 934 Рет қаралды

Derp takes on a job as a crazy Taxi Driver in this fun new Minecraft Animation!
Created by our new director, Striker!
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- And much more!
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  • Everyone give our now director, Striker, a welcome. This is his first animation on the channel. Hoping to many more :D

  • I love how loyal Derp is to his fish, shows nothing but respect for his fishy friend

    Jp TingJp Ting
  • This is an excellent animation! And plus This is animated by Skyfall's Brother Striker, So let's Appreciate him for animating such a good animation! Hope all our directors will have no challenges whatsoever in animating and plus. More Directors = More Animations! A round of applause to BPS for bringing high quality animations, and Movies with amazing maps! Best of luck for the future ;)

  • Expectations: [walks across the side of the wall and snatches the gun]

  • I love how these simple animations are better than most all-out war videos

  • When Derp is there, the world get's okay again 💙

    Joel HöhleJoel Höhle
  • Alternate title: Derp ships everyone to Brazil

    The ThunderThe Thunder
  • It is so great to see you guys back in action again.

  • Great first animation Striker! Just a bit of constructive criticism: If there are roughly 12 frames straight that contain white void 20 feet from the main focal point people will notice but I understand that you may have had a time frame to do it and couldn't make it perfect. If it may happen again you could cut those frames out or splice in an image of a previous frame that shares the same angle or close to it right where the void begins. Also when the last thief was shooting at the cop and Derp plans his attack, Derp's expression is constantly sad without much change. If you can't bother to change his facial expressions throughout the scene you can just be sure to set his face to neutral expression or what his skin looks like by default. I hope this was useful information and I am excited to see what you can bring to the table at BPS! You have great potential!

  • Not gonna lie this a reminder to me that they have been missing a limb director wise since David R.B. left. With such talent leaving BPS really could use more people to fill that gap and I hope Striker helps with that. We miss you David.

  • Welcome Striker! A great and comedic animation to start off, especially with Derp. Can't wait to see more!

    Critters PicturesCritters Pictures
  • Ahhh, a derp comeback. 🥹

  • It's so nice to come back to your most favorite animator after a year, everything still seems the same... but with some various difference and updates.

  • Ohhh boy. The bloopers on this one are gonna be magical, I already laughed out loud at several points in the normal version.

    Moss dudeMoss dude
  • Finally a new animation. Probs Striker did a good job there. Have some things I noticed watching the first time I might want to mention: I really like the style of Derp moving fast and uncoordinated it really builds up character, but sometimes the movements didn’t seem to be connected to each other.

    Knoght AnimationsKnoght Animations
  • Your animations, as always, have been the best I've ever seen. Lots of work must go into these animations to make them so real. I've heard many different names of people on your team, but never actually the amount of people that are on it. Second question, I've seen that in some of your other animations, there is different swords, spears, and other weapons, and vehicles, that aren't in the rymdinsse pack, how do you get those textures? Thanks for all your time and effort you put into these animations, and please keep it up!!! :D

  • I would still give money to Derp just to help him buy what he really wants. After all, not all of us were born to be rich.

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim
  • You guys will remain one of if not the greatest animation channels ever

    Gamer's TheaterGamer's Theater
  • I swear, Derp is like the Mr. Bean equivalent of his world

    Willem DaleboutWillem Dalebout
  • You know I keep forgetting how insanely strong Derp is sometimes. It's a lot like Caboose from RvB

    Dillon McDermottDillon McDermott