TheFatRat & NEFFEX - Back One Day (Outro Song) [Minecraft Animation Music Video]

2022 ж. 15 Жел.
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A Minecraft animation music video for TheFatRat and NEFFEX's latest track, Back One Day! Featuring Keira and Krista from our Minecraft animations, STARFALL and Worlds Apart.
Worlds Apart - • Worlds Apart: FUL...
Music: TheFatRat & NEFFEX - Back One Day (Outro Song)
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  • Wow! This is simply amazing. The fight scenes fit so well to the music.

  • CRUSHED IT 🔥🔥🔥

  • I'm still stunned by how well all of this fits together

  • I seriously don't understand how BPS is able to sync up the animations with the music so perfectly! Do they know what song TheFatRat will produce next or are they just magic?

  • Worlds Adrift is amazing, I love to see the appreciation for it here as well as replaying some cool scenes from Starfall! I hope we get a cross over of the two series at some point...

  • Your videos are amazing!!! I love how you made Minecraft even better when you use it in your videos. TheFatRat’s music is perfect for your videos!! You guys actually introduced me to TheFatRat with one of your music videos and now I’ve been a follower of him for three years and I want to thank you guys for that. There are a couple of artists that could work for your amazing content. Alan Walker has some awesome music and Lindsey Stirling would be good too. Thanks again for your content!! Keep it up!!😁😁

  • The way you were able to combine the song and the video and time everything correctly and make it seem so smooth is just so amazing and I respect your content and and your will to do this for us keep on going man and I hope you get millions of subs!!!!

  • I wonder if we get a continuation of "Worlds Apart" since I really love it and I wonder if it's possible to continue the story further.

  • Loved the video! The music and scenes went so well together. Though it makes me wonder if they'll mix Worlds Apart and Starfall. That would be so cool!!! I've been hoping for a while now that they would make more Worlds Apart episodes.

  • Does this mean Worlds Apart and Starfall

  • This is the best one of these I've seen so far. The scenes fit so well with the music and World's Apart and STARFALL are such amazing animated short movies.

  • Awesome! I just can't found a better word. Your music videos are so impressive. You perfectly paired Thefatrat's music with your videos, as always.

  • This music piece fits so well with the animations, great job making the footage of these awesome animations fit so well.

  • Your music videos are what got me hooked on both your animations and thefatrat's music. Now, thefatrat is my top artist of 2022 and I literally count down the days to your animations. Keep doing what you're doing and Happy Holidays!

  • "Worlds Apart'' will never stay forgotten

  • Great song and great animations, I loved Starfall hope to see some more animations like it. Anyways I think Neffex and TheFatRat are some great artists especially Neffex. Hopefully this gets them some more attention.

  • Its crazy how NEFFEX and TheFatRat collabed, they were 2 music groups who i thought would never collab, but look what happened when they did, a sick song and a sick animation!

  • The montage is sick and this matched the song quite well and this brought back a lot of memories.

  • Chills, literal chills😁😁 sometimes I even forget this videos are based on the same old Minecraft incredible work BPS

  • Fantastic work as always you guys! Always love your music videos, you and TheFatRat always go so well together! 👏👏👍👍