CHRISTMAS DAY (Minecraft Animation)

2018 ж. 25 Жел.
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Derp is invited to the Black Plasma Studios Christmas day party! He decides to bake a cake for the occasion, until he has some problems...
Merry Christmas everyone!
This animation was initially created as a celebration for Eckosoldier surpassing 1,000,000 subscribers. You can check out the original "The Big Day" animation here:
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  • Merry Christmas everyone! This animation was originally created for Eckosoldier in celebration of his 1,000,000 subscribers. We decided to change the setting a bit and release it as a Christmas celebration as well :)

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  • I think I know why the cake was disgusting.

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  • a no habro ingles estoy plendiendo por un tiempo pueden habrar español solo q soy de Peru

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  • noob is not useless now

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  • Wait a minute the first song sounds like a song I sing at church for school it goes.. open my eyes lord .........

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  • 1:23 how did you animated this one?

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  • Why fish on top?

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  • HMTH! This this is wh..wh..why I never underestimate Der...derps😢🙂

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  • Merry christmass and a happy new year [Its September 26]

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  • I love how there was a fish as the charismas star on the tree! ^_^

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  • Derp is the cutest character in minecraft Not gonna lie😻

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  • Derp is so cute and hardworking Derp

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  • derp more like the best human on earth

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  • Jingle Bells

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  • Derp really loves those fish xd

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  • love Noob

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  • Hi, watch my Minecraft animation made in Blender!

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  • I hope you have an ender dragon battle video

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  • It’s 2020

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  • I L.O.V.E your channle 🥰💕💗

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  • Derp so cut

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  • It’s merry fishmas

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  • Noob is the best more like his a pro 😎😎😎

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  • I love Minecraft,Dirt and Black plasma studios

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  • what is this 2016 2017 2018 2019 or 2020?

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    • 2019 for 2020

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  • The egg goes in the middle middle

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  • I thought derp lived in the plasma mansion

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  • The cake is normal his just colour blind No offense

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  • Jaja mori con el pescado en ves de la estrella (yo pensando que el árbol se va incendiar)

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  • this *noob* is even more *smarter* than me

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  • el noob tiene que poner la leche tres leches arriba en la mesa de crafteo tambien tiene que poner huevo el huevo va al medio de la mesa de crafteo y el azucar a los costados y el trigo avago

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  • it's been like a year sens christmas was here

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  • Woow.... 😍nice music it's relax my soul

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  • 1:30 that no copyright?

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  • 1:00 1:19 LMFAO

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  • Derp look cut :)

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  • But a star a fish🤔🤔

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  • 1:23 when i chat with my friend in comuper and he say me ok boomer

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  • The Cake Recipe is wrong.

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  • Fish = god

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  • The perfect at the top

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  • 1:22 not getting my Xbox for Christmas

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